Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sin, Sing, and Snog: Maybe I’m Just Very Judgemental…


…or maybe I’m just a cashier who has watched enough customer behavior to know things. Before I start my rant, I want to throw in a disclaimer: I do not want anything I said to be taken out of context and I am not looking to offend those who do the right thing at all. This…

I do see your point, but chips, cookies, and ice cream aren’t really dinner. Not saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to indulge every once in a while, but I see  way too many people buy a lot of crap snacks. Like I understand when people buy like store brand food mixes, like mac and cheese or the Knorr side dish stuff. That’s all pretty cheap and can be called dinner. I don’t mean you should be restricted to buying only the perimeter of the store, you know? But like the stuff that’s pure crap like chips and soda should be limited or something. You don’t need soda to live. You need water. Water’s really not that expensive, especially on sale and it comes out of the tap. Need bubbles? Include seltzer then. There definitely is a glitch with the system where realistically FS doesn’t really cover people’s food bills though, and that’s something that probably does need readjustment to begin with.

And while they’re at it they can drug test and whatnot and maybe even require that people quit smoking. Cigarettes are $10/pack. I get that it’s an addiction, but if you really choose your cigarettes over food on the table, there’s something wrong.

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I know how hard it is to eat healthy on a budget. Of course crap food is not only more appealing, but is much cheaper. I don’t feel there should be complete and total limitation of what can and cannot be bought with FS because that would exclude nearly the entire supermarket. But a limitation of the stuff that is surely making our children obese should be taken into consideration… I guess it really comes down to, the FS system is pretty much there to keep people from going without the nourishment they need to survive (not that our country doesnt have hunger), but if you’re starving, you shouldn’t care if soda tastes better than water or whatever. You care that you can hydrate your body.

Let me be clearer: I have seen extreme cases in which customers on FS purchase solely crap food. Nothing of real substance to eat as a meal. Things that should at least be limited somehow.

I’m just saying, a $.99 bag of chips is cheaper to eat for dinner than a $2 box of pasta and a $3 jar of sauce.  I buy soda, but I don’t usually put it on FS.  I don’t think you understand how little $200 a month is for 3 people to eat.  $200 for 270 meals (30 days, 3 meals, 3 people).  I made baked ziti last week.  It set us back $35 and fed us for about 2 days (2 meals).  Last night, I had 7-11 brand Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels for dinner.  It’s really embarrassing.