Saturday, September 15, 2012

On the legality of the Chicago strike:




“Under Illinois’ Educational Labor Act, teachers may strike only for certain matters subject to negotiations; wages, hours, other terms and conditions of employment; specifically the law states that teacher performance is not to be the subject of negotiation or a strike and teacher evaluation is one of the major strike issues.”


So, it may or may not be legal.  I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure.  I thought that it was because I live in NY and NYC has the Taylor Law that makes it illegal for public employees to strike.  So, technically, some of the strike is legal and some isn’t.  Overall, I would imagine that the strike could be deemed illegal by a judge.  We’ll see.

By the way, this guy is a 21 year old, NOT a teacher. A gun-obsessed NRA member, Obama conspiracy theory believing, TEA-Party libertarian posing as a liberal. He supports Gary Johnson, which means he likely supports Ron Paul.

Why not just be honest about your mainstream social conservative politics, radboyscout? Why pose? Did you not think we’d discover you’re more concerned about teachers being able to carry concealed firearms than you are about the conditions of public schools?

I love that a vulgar libertarian like yourself who opposes regulation and coercion supports making it illegal for teachers to strike and insists they have to voice their concerns through bureaucratic organizations like unions staffed by people who aren’t teachers.

You’re either a delusional freak or a very confused young man.

I’m getting vibes of both from him.

I am a teacher, but not in a classroom.  Never claimed to be a classroom teacher.

Gun obsessed NRA member: yup.

Obama conspiracy: No, I just don’t like the guy.  I reblog those because I think they’re funny.  I also reblog Romney stuff too.  They’re both morons.

I don’t support Ron Paul.  I like Gary Johnson.

I am a social liberal and I have never posted anything that should suggest otherwise.  If you decide to look past the first couple of pages, you might see that.  I’ve been reblogging from a gun blog recently, but I have like 7000 posts on my private blog.

The conditions of schools and the classroom hold the most import for me, so stop putting words in my mouth.  That’s called Libel.

I simply believe that the students can’t benefit from an education that they are not receiving.  It’s pretty simple, but I guess it’s a bit too complicated for you to understand.