Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why my father is a rancid, contemptible, travesty of a man.

Thanks to a series of actions on his part, I have found myself in a tough position.  I have no money, no health insurance, no car, and no steady means of feeding myself.  He kicked my family out of the house (I have voicemail to confirm this), cancelled my health insurance (purely out of spite), took my car from me (and did not return the money I paid him for the car), and he continues to harass my mother and (alegedly) break the terms of the custody agreement (Alegedly taking Peter to New Jersey without permission.  We do not currently have evidencce for this, but I’m sure credit card records could prove it to be true).


Work Schedule:

Tuesdays: 3 hours

Thurdsays:  3.5 Hours

6.5 Hours per week

13 Hours per pay period.


$94.25 per pay period

(Pay period is 2 weeks)

20 miles to school.  40 per day.  4 days a week.  160 miles per week.  320 miles per pay period.

50 miles to White Plains.  2x a week.  4x a pay period.  200 miles a pay period.

520 miles of travel per pay period.

18 mpg highway for the car.

28.88 gallons of gas per pay period.  $4.07 per gallon.  $117.58 per pay period.

$23.33 per pay period to pull out of ass.  This is assuming I don’t eat, since I was told I am too poor to qualify for food stamps.  And I need to pay rent.  And I have no medical insurance and I can’t get Medicaid because I “should be covered under my parents.” So, soon ACA (Obamacare) will tax me $600+ for not having insurance.  I can’t get a loan to help pay for this or get a car because I have no one to cosign.  I am currently borrowing a car, but I can’t keep doing that.  It’s not fair and it’s not smart to put that much strain on one car, especially one that isn’t meant to be used as a commuter car.  

The American Dream…

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